Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who We Are

Hudson Balloon Festival is run by the Hudson-Concord Elks in conjunction with volunteers. We rely on our local community for support to put on this event. We strongly encourage you to support the businesses who support us by shopping and enjoying downtown Hudson, MA.


All ballooning activities are weather dependent. Ballooning is a fair weather sport. Balloons will not fly in the rain. Winds must also be light in order for balloons to fly safely. Ideal conditions are for wind speeds to be 3-5 MPH. As wind speeds increase beyond 10 MPH it is unlikely balloons will be able to fly. Flight updates are provided on our Facebook site shortly after the weather and decisions are shared with the pilots. Please be considerate on our Facebook page!
We understand the weather can be frustrating, we are as disappointed as you are when the balloons don’t fly.


Balloon rides are offered but these are weather and pilot dependent. More information will be available soon.


Balloon flights occur just after sunrise or close to sunset. More information will be available when our schedule of events is posted. You should plan on being present at flight times if you wish to see the balloons.


Food vendors will be on hand at the event both days. If you are interested in being a participating food vendor please get in touch with us by going to the CONTACT US page.


Parking is FREE. There is parking on site at Hudson-Concord Elks Lodge, 99 Park Street and additional parking at Hudson High School 69 Brigham Street.


We love our fluffy friends too, but large crowds, loud noises and balloon burners might be too much for them. Even if your pet is a huge balloon enthusiast we ask you leave them at home (but maybe bring them back a t-shirt, they'll love you for it).


Drones and Balloons don't mix, so don't bring them.


Yes the event is outside, but balloons use propane gas and smoking could endanger the balloon, balloonist, and event spectators. Please NO smoking.